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    February 27, 2014
    1:00 - 2:01pm PST  

>> out of time. when the news breaks out we'll break in. good news here today. the dow is up again. here comes cavuto. >> well, happy party. now take the fifth and scram, tea party. in case you think that tea parties are celebrating five years on the national stage, today a look how they're too busy fighting back at establishment, still trying to give them the hook. >> the tea party high jacked the name republicans. i wish republicans would take it back. >> nancy pelosi might be getting her wish because republicans are trying to do just that. five years later those tea partiers are not about to let them. >> welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. where does the time go?
it's their party and they could cry but they're not. tea parties, five years to the day they brought their message to the world. too much spending, too much taxing. so things are going to start changing, and they did, and fast. beginning with rallies across the nation that tended to grow by the month. a force that would later go on to topple nancy pelosi and democrats in the house and make one john boehner speaker of the house. but for all of their commotion, the mainstream media treated them as quaint as best and racist as first. not fair, not balanced. not remotely right. a double-standard. "occupy wall streets" were cool. tea partiers defending the flag. well, the whacky right. occupiers burning the flag, right on. cutting tax is is selfish? living off bigger government,
saintly. antispending was bad. antiwar, well, good. reading the constitution in public, pathetic. ripping it up in public, profound. tea parties divisive. those occupiers, they were in -- those covering tea party rallies cracked. those who covered the "occupiers," cool. the message from the mainstream, just ignore them. even though there is not sinister about them. this is not about killing the manning -- excuse me -- this was a push against their message, and it popped up again today take a look. >> the mainstream media constantly slamming it. those in power having none of it. to no less than the president of
the united states mocking it. the powerful democrats who were demonizing it, even republicans turning their back on it. after five years under fire, tea party is still fired up. today, upping the ante and sending a warning to both parties, we've head enough of you. >> i have good news and bad news. the good news is the government is open, and the bad news is, your government is open. and still borrowing over a million dollars every minute. >> take the gale out of nancy pelosi's hand in 2012. you did that. >> you will not allow your country to fail. >> freedom. and liberty. use them or lose them. >> to radio talk show host mark levin, one of the speakers addressing the crowd. mark, good to have you.
of course, very different five years. controversy in the beginning but at least it wasn't that way among republicans. now it's a tea party types and their message is an anathema to a lot of republicans. >> the republican party lost its sway, and but for the tea party movement, which is an american grassroots movement, which promoted basic american values, fiscal integrity, limited federal government, constitutionalism and so forththere would be no national voice for we, the people. so, it's not so much that so many of us have lost our way. it's that washington lost its way and you can see it every single day, the way they spend, the way they borrow, and so what happened over five years? they have unleashed the consultants, media, used the floor of the senate and the floor of the house, to disparage and malign the american people. the tea party is a big chunk of
the american people. >> you think it's a third party? >> i don't think it's a third party yet but if the republican party continues to trash the tea party that could happen. look, reagan in 1976 was right. he said, what is the point of a third party when all they're going to do is continue to elect the left? what the tea party is doing is rather than rallying to the very people who ignore them, who trash them, who will not respond to them in a positive way, they've now gone into primaries, some success, some notful just like the republicans and just like the democrats, and they've organized in different ways, which is why they're feared. of they weren't feared, weren't a power, they would be ignored. >> do you think that many in the meanstream see the tea party as more disruptive than helpful? >> i hope so and i think so. i see these billionaires coming on your show,. people are sick and tired of this.
we don't want these parties to work together. we want to protect the country. get back to limited government. billionaires and millionaires are not affected so much by what is going on here. obamacare, dodd-frank. high taxes, economic dislocation. we're tired of social edge nearing coming out of -- engineering coming out of washington. there's only one voice in opposition. and that is the collective tea party movement, and i'm here to tell you, i went to this event five years later. this is a strong, vibrant, thoughtful, smart group of people. i can't speak for all of them. but they're not going anywhere. you want to know why? there's nowhere to go. >> when you say you don't want the party's working together, even ronald reagan found a way for the parties to work together. to his largely agenda. but what is so wrong with them working together? >> i don't want these two parties, with this leadership, working together, because what it results in is massive big
government spending. what it results in is amnesty. it results in a deterioration of the value of the dollar, unlimited, unfunded liables. they've that's working together, you have to break that up. you cannot break up the ruling class. >> what do you make of the argument something like this: you have to keep your powder dry for the big battle, and the big battle is the mid-term elections, keeping the focus on obamacare, a lot of this stuff slide right now, including threats of government shutdown so we can keep our eyes on the prize. what do you say? >> this is the washington manhattan corridor mindset. but the battle off to the next day. the next day is here. we have $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. what happened when he had a republican house and senate and a republican president? they were the big e spenders in
american history before we got to obama. this isn't about a baseball game where we root for this team or that team. we need to change the game need to get our players on the field. that is -- >> who are they, mark? >> i'm not going give a whole list. they're people generally speaking who are going to put the constitution, the fiscal nature of the country first, who are going to -- >> so give me a couple of names. >> they're obvious. tea party victors. ted crazy and mike lee and rand paul, rubio, and on the house side there's a number. what's the point -- >> you didn't put chris christie in that bunch. >> of course not. ken langone supports him. chris christie is the baseballaire's favorite republican. these guys talking in platitudes, we got to work together. work together to do what? i want to know what? what are they going to do about the $100 trillion unfund liability?
that's the question that needs to be asked to every single one of them. it will destroy our country. they keep talking about repealing obamacare. have you seen a repeal proposal? what exactly are they going to repeal? a bunch of republican governors said they don't want to. >> that's what i what going to follow up on. and just to clarify for folks listening, we have nearly $14 trillion debt when mark refers to the unfunded liabilities, that's close to 100 trillion. so, let me ask you about what these republican governors are saying. talk about shooting the message here. the message among republicans putting it on obamacare, these republican governors are saying, when push comes to shove we won't be able to get rid of this thing. so the whole reason for caving on these issues war taken away because they don't think they can get this gone. >> the double talk is not going
fly knee. there's a lot of people who can identify with the democrat, republican election, or sit out an election. these people need leadership and people that with talk straight with them. we have to change the trajectory of the nation and do it soon. >> do you think it veers or you risk, mark -- with the best of intentions you risk creating such a fire on the right you lose all the right and that it gets to be so extreme, so nasty, that you really can't get it back? >> i'm going to tell you something, neil. the largest group are consecutives conservative democrats and conservative republicans and conservative who are disgusted with all parties. reagan made the point in 1976. we don't run away from this group. we need to embrace them.
we need to organize them. we need give them a reason to vote. he said this in 1976 when he was taking on gerald ford who claimed to be a conservative. when ford lost he a blamed it on reagan some then the bush family rose up and howard baker and try to stop reagan. they said he cannot win arranges extremist. the same kind of language -- devil's advocate -- you're pointing out. the opinion is an articulate, knowledgeable, conservative, with artic utable agenda who do it with confidence is going to win. >> i don't seive that yet among -- i don't see that yet among the cast of characters. ronald reagan had an ability to coalesce all of that. >> no. matter of fact in '74 and '75 he was crashed heavily by "the wall street journal." he was trashed heavily within his own party. >> i know. the voodoo economic things. i'm saying, today, of that crowd
think the cruzs and rand pauls and others do you think they would be able to bring all of that together in an appealing way to the american people if for some reason or another, looks at these guys with raised eyebrows. >> i don't know. >> i want you to know. you're a rock star. >> that's the nature of the political process. i will tell you what we'll lose. i just saw it. a romney, mccain, dole, another bush. that i know will lose. >> you have been critical of fox news. i've been listening to you. you hate fox now? >> i love fox. >> tell the truth. >> when i was a school board member. a teacher union president said to me, why do you hate teacher? i said i love teachers. i hate your union. i love fox, a number of people on fox are my friends and there's some people i disagree with. why can't i voice that?
>> you seem a little -- >> i want -- mslsd. there's waste of time. >> it's always good having you: agree or disagree with him, he is a force to be reckoned with. whether those on the left like it or not. did harry just weigh differenty on healthcare. >> horror stores being toll, a all untrue. >> now one of the americans who she just called a liar? she's firing back here. atlantic
>> had a nice to sleep on it but not apologizing. >> plenty of horror stories being told, all untrue. made from whole cloth. lies, distorted by republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisement.
>> let's just say lynn -- lynn days furious. she lost her medical care. we reached out to the senate majority leader and he declined. this young lady did not. linda no apologies but the gist of the attacks is you made it up. it's not that bad. what do you say? >> there must be six million of, then. we should just call ourselves the liars' club. you have seen my letter of cancellation. so, my life isn't true, and i've read this woman's story and it doesn't sound like her lie is true, and luckily no one in our family has cancer, but the idea this man, this -- the leader of the senate, took to the senate floor to attack a woman being treated for cancer is an outrage. it's beyond offensive. >> well, i think his argument was, all these guys are bashing the healthcare law, all getting
paid by superppacs. you say what. >> i've never been paid by a super pac and i don't gather she has been paid by a superpac. the bottom line for me is, this makes the war on women look -- what the democrats are always accusing republicans; attacking a woman being treated with cancer, taking her case to the floor of the senate is beyond offensive, and so i don't think six million of us -- it's been proven. insurance companies have shown that all of us have lost our policies. >> a lot of that -- we talk about this but -- you don't have to be a rocket scientist to read number to know the numbers of people that lost policies and those able to get them back, transitioned into something i that was different and usually more expensive. the numbers are out there. hardly arguable. so, do you feel that you get
caught up in this argument about trying to justify a law for which millions have been really disrupted? >> well, i think what we get caught up in -- i'm speaking for just our own family and we're part of this group of individually insured people. we get caught up in most of the -- republicans have been good but the democrats just dismissing us because we seem to be a small number, and so i think we are irrelevant to them. they have no compassion for us and i have so much compassion for this woman attacked by harry reid in the middle of treatment no one wants to lose their health insurance. he -- her whole healthcare was disrupted and there's no compassion for her.
that's what we're saying. everyone has been disrupted to make the overhaul and we are re first ones to suffer. we'll get more support when small businesses and people in large companies that have to get the kind of letters we got. we're still a small group. although i don't think that anyone would dismiss other minorities in the population they way they have dismissed individually insured people. >> and a lot more joining them when things like employer mandates kick in. it could be interesting. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> remember the cuban crisis and this president? we could be looking at another one. for this president. introducing's pronto lunch starting at $6.99. an entirely new menu created with your busy schedule in mind. handmade italian sandwiches, flatbreads, and our signature soup and salad.
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see this warship? it's actually docked in cuba about 100 miles south of florida. it's a russian warship and we don't know why it's so close to our border or there. katie mcfarland, is russia feeling embone bold 'ed here? >> they're book. the whole thing with the olympics was to show the whole world this is the new russia, we built this new city, we're in charge in the middle east, we're pucking obama's face in the dirt every opportunity we can. >> do we know what this ship is doing there. >> supposed to be a science ship. the size of a frigate. a crew of 300. probably not doing much. but it's not just the ship. it's everything else that the russians are doing. the russias defense minister announced they're seeking basing
privileges around the world in nicaragua and venezuela. so they want to have a blue water navy again, at the same time the russian defense minister said we're going to our old military bases in the former soviet union states and going to modernize those, and then today the russian military mobilizing on the ukrainian border. they're not going to invade but they're saying, take us seriously again. >> we have given them there are consequences, referring to you crepe. but in the case of cuba, when would be get alarmed, two ships, three ships, building weapons. >> the solution is not just to make a speech and say there will be consequences. there should be a much more comprehensive policy. for example, in cuba, the castros are going to die and whatever is first into cuba is
going to have an enormous opportunity. we better make sure we're the first person into cuba, not the russians and the chinese. >> russia has the ties. >> but objects the astros are gone cube -- the castros are gone, it's an opportunity. >> if you were advise -- >> make friend now. >> if the russians keep bringing more ships. i think they're taunting us. >> it's almost like the kid who is just, going like that, whether it's in the middle east or whether it's in taking snowden or doing something in the eastern european states. trying to see what he will do. will we have a reaction? and they don't think we will because putin thinks president obama is a pushover. >> is this the time for perfectly good and financially justifiable reasons to talk about bringing our troop levels back to what they were before world war ii? >> no. that's one place we really -- we
should do a couple of things. one, understand we may have to address a lot in the military budget there are things -- a lot of waste, fraud, and abuse, but don't cut things like ultimate troop strength and don't cut the benefits of people that bled for you and looking at the federal government, the bureaucracies, you're not cutting their retirement or healthcare coverage but you are the military. but as a general rule, obama needs to man up here and may be making speeches about the cold war is over but it's not -- tell that to moscow. they're not acting like it. the biggest thing in the cold war, the cuban missile crisis. warships in cuba. >> thank you very much -- not really thank you but nice seeing you. more layoffs because the feds won't layoff. charlie is ready to sound off. in the new new york,
we don't back down. we only know one direction: up so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at
this is not a good sign. jp morgan slashing 8,000 jobs, and is this about the mortgage business or the feds giving them the business and all these fines the company has to keep paying. so obviously someone has to go.e
layoffs will not stop there. >> they won't and we first reported in dem that all the banks were going to experience layoffs -- >> because of the fines or the mortgage business? >> it's both. the mortgage business -- wells fargo announced cuts in mortgage business. and that was our story in december. when you need to pay these fines and these fines are mounting for everybody, it has to come somewhere. it has to come from the place that is weakest, and right now the mortgage business is the weakest because you have interest rates rising, you have feds tapering, people getting done with refinancing their mortgages, just so many times you can do that business before you can't do it anymore. when you have that business slowdown, instead of -- in normal six-s you might just wait for -- normal circumstances you
might wait for the next cycle. they can't do that. >> if they didn't have these fines, would they be laying off? >> no. no. the reason why is wall street -- thissen. wall street knows these businesses are cyclical. you fire them and hire them back at some point when the market turns. right now wall street should be right-sized right now. should not be laying off anybody. the reason why they are is because they're getting hammered not just fines. regulation, dodd-frank, all these crazy things this administration came up with, including the consumer financial protection bard with -- board, no one knows who they answer to. i don't -- >> or how they overlap. >> don't have congressional oversight but power to bring the banks in for hearings. >> you have been following this very closely, and what is the latest? won't run? >> chris christie is not saying.
people like ken langon e says he has chance but that is an opinion of one. people that are hedging their bets like you had joe on, someone i spoke to before my story ran -- will admit that this is a very deep hole to dig out of. joe will tell you it's too early to tell. which it is. >> now it's widening, reports of other -- >> it's not like -- they had some e-mails beside some rabbi that didn't get along with christie, so one aide equips, let's screw up traffic in front of his house. i'm paraphrasing. one says delay flights from new york to tel aviv. when people are laughing about this stuff, then people sit there and say, okay, he hired incompetent, insane people, and
they're take something cue -- maybe not a direct cue but the guy is a -- guy at the top sets the tone in the office. when people go on air sometimes they don't level with you. off the camera, talk to people. they'll tell you, and republicans will tell you that this guy, at this point, has no shot. ken langone -- >> we're not haters here. >> i'm just telling you. a guy that is kind of -- an excitable guy. >> hope you don't need medical center at his medical center. >> i do go there. >> not now. >> i have to change my name after christie bows out. >> that's fine. always good to see you, my friend. charlie gasperion. the best in the business. and it is not easy being the president of the united states but it's easier when a senator clears big hurdles. meet the doc who just could make the prez sick.
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the doctor fighting to let you keep your doctor, and now he is getting one big helping hand from, well, a senator. dr. steve housey is suing over obama's employer mandate, and john cornyn announced his support. doctors and senator, could to have you. doctor, you're -- you are suing the white house. that's an uphill battle. what's it about? >> well, the battle is about obamacare. obamacare is the worst piece of legislation that has been passed in the last decade or maybe 5 years. it's destroying small businesses and small businesses aren't going to be able to afford the increased insurance that is going to be caused by obamacare
and will stop insurance. the employees have to go to the exchanges and they can't for a it on exchanges and they won't have insurance. so it will do the opposite. let people have insurance under obamacare and small businesses will be hurt. if you want to devise a plan to destroy small businesses, couldn't come up with a better plan than obamacare. >> your colleague and senate leader harry reid has been saying much of whining and complaining about obamacare is made up. even some of the people we have had on this very show talking about how their coverage was cut or the overall insurance to keep it has increased. it's just made up. what do you think of that? >> well, i don't think he has been listening to the american people or my constituents in t texas who are finding all of the promises made with regard to, if you like what you have, you can keep it, your premiums will go down and you'll be able to keep
your doctor. all of that is absolutely untrue. i think senator reid is becoming increasingly desperate, realizing this is the most potent political issue this year, which will lead in all likelihood to a republican majority in the united states senate, and he'll be no longer the majority leader. >> doctors, you -- doctor, you talk about mandates and the administration pushing this and that mandate back, pushing a lot of things back to tell guys like you, doctors like you, relax. it's not to bad. what do you say? >> just tells you the president realizes what a disastrous bill he passed. >> senator, what do you think of that? >> neil, i've never seen a situation before where congress can pass a bill, admittedly just along party lines and with the president's signature it becomes the law and then the president
can wave, delay, or refuse tone force different parts of the legislation. what it important about the lawsuit we'll be file can a friend of the court in support, the supreme court has not decided whether obamacare is constitutional under the provisions that require tax or revenue raising bills to start in the house. this could be a body blow to obamacare, and i'm sure the president doesn't want that to happen to his signature piece of legislation. >> a lot of people have been referring to your -- this could be the sleeper grenade for this thing but we'll watch closely. gentleman, thank you both. >> thank you. >> obamacare is in, but are your medical benefits out? a new survey predicting fewer employers will offer them in the future because of the healthcare law. here's the best way to set aside more cash in case that happens
it would behoove businesses not to bother with it. >> when you talk to employers that are 51 and up -- >> 51 workers and up. >> they're looking to take their employees and reduce it down to under 50. so to give you some perspective. take a restaurant that has 52, 53, 54 employees or a pete a concern or some type of business. they want get to under 50 because they won't pay much of a penalty of somebody trying to get a subsidy to get health insurance. so they want to too that. the employers -- let's take it up the line to really a lot of jobs are being created. one client, 8300 employees. the insurance industry -- interesting to what the doctor said before -- i'm going to device a plan and insurance companies are intending to take their bronze level plans, reduce it to brass tacks to give less
benefits to employees because they can't afford it. the individual is going to be given a plan that is less than what the plan is intended to do -- >> what do you tell your clients? they have to prepare for forking over money for their coverage. >> some employers are not going to have plan. so they're going to go to the health insurance exchange and get an account or insurance advicer if they can get a subsidy. not only the cost but the actual process of what plan is best for me is now put into the hands of the consumer. that's good on the one hand. so for some who is eye indicated but a person making 25 or $30,000 they don't have he's resources and knowledge. so they have to be careful, number one, if that person -- they need to da this. they need to go look at the plan, and see who is going to be covered in their family. number two look at going to their doctors and hospitals and is that doctor and hospital covered under these plans?
>> better do it all in one shot. while we have you here, people knew you were coming here and we have a segment where we help people with their money. we like to check in with average folks like you about retirement questions. first up, rhea: is there a simple education where -- equation, i should say -- where i can punch my age in, cost of living, for my area to figure out how much i need? >> the first thing i'd say is there's lots of retirement calculators, but the best way is to look at what your current expenses and are project them into retirement and write down everything. great wealth managers is to really take a good budget, take a cash flow, project to retirement. >> so the argument, whatever your spending now, spend half in retirement. >> what about the dreams? maybe they want to take the
vacation around the world. every year. >> in every year? >> i'm happy with florida. so, i think once they get a real good fix on their expenses, then they can take a look at what will be provided for them in retirement. for example, they'll have social security. maybe the spouse will have social security. and they get those fixed cash flow expenses coming in, you're back into the numbers, pretty easy stuff. >> we hope. he ills the guy to talk to about it. thank you very much. you don't like what they're saying about you in the news room? how about infiltrating the newsroom. got a canadian very worried. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker.
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the federal communications commission putting plan to monitor newsrooms on the shelf, but one of the commissioners today saying how about the trash. at the heart of the controversy is this. it wants to monitor how news stories are selected. former media tycoon conrad black says that's a scary thought. hardly comforting that they temporarily shelved it. >> it's not encouraging at all. got to be worrisome to all of you there, neil, i would think. >> actually i -- i appear to be the only one upset about it, but it could be just me. no, i kid, but to make the point that it has not gotten nearly the trashing in the mainstream media you would think. >> well, it just came to light when one of the commissioners, a republican commissioner, wrote an op-ed piece in the "wall street journal," so i think if you give it a little -- you know, a little time, it would get some traction. certainly, as i understand it, they pulled it very quickly so obviously they saw the sensitivity to it once the cat was out of the bag. >> you know what worried me about it, conrad, how it looked
like an innocent sort of editorial trojan house. we just want to see how you do what you do. >> that's -- that kind of thing is very sinister, and whenever governments anywhere ask why people are doing things, the alarm bells should always go off. i mean, governments are there to govern, and they are there to enact laws and enforce laws, but not to meddle upon things that touch on the freedom of expression. >> you were a publisher and all that and pretty keen historian. i did want to pick your brain a little bit on what vladamir putin is doing these days and revisiting kind of like a cuban missile crisis kind of deal by parking a ship in cuban waters. it's a military ship. one ship, not necessarily a huge deal, but where there's one ship i worry about other ships, and then i wonder whether we're in, i don't know, deep ship. what do you think? >> i would have thought not.
i mean, i'm no apologist for putin, and he, despite his success at the olympics, and we should give him credit for that, very extravagant and all the predictions of security disasters and unfinished hotels did not come to pass, and he keyied it off with panache. >> the unfinished hotels came to pass. people just lived with it. >> in any case, that wasn't your question. you know, he has taken a terrible black eye in the ukraine, and his whole foreign policy has been a kind of denial of the fact that the soviet union disintegrated and the country's population ruled from the kremlin declined by more than 50%, and so he has set about just trying to make mischief everywhere for the real great powers instead of adjusting to the fact that russia, while still important, is not -- is not the alternate superpower, and sending a ship to cuba i think is something we shouldn't read too much into it. i doubt that his relations with cuba are predictably good
anyways since they -- >> i don't know, conrad. i respect the heck out of him, but i'm telling you, where there's smoke there's fire, and there's a lot of smoke. i see a lot of fires. starting them all around the world. now it might be desperate acts, but they are registering. >> as i said, not an apologist for putin but he's not a brinkman. not a guy that will push us to the verge of war like khrushchev did in '62. he'll nibble away at the edges and try to get an edge everywhere and remind everyone that russia is an important country, and it is an important country, but it's a country with terrible problems that should address its problems. you know, he tried in effect to resurrect the soviet union in the ukraine and has been flung into the ukraine. he may be able to affect a partition of the country and take the crimea back, but the long and short of it, country of 46 million people, he's been tossed out of and if he salvages anything it will be not much and by the skin of his teeth. i would see minor provocations like sending a warship to cuba
in that light, neil. >> all right. >> doesn't mean that he's cranking up to send a fleet offshore to threaten a nuclear attack on the united states. >> conrad black. >> he's not completely insane. not going to do that. >> we'll see. "flight of the eagle "the latest and so many great books. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> forget whether we're taxed too much. do i wear a toupee, and does the camera really add that much weight? these are the kind of questions i get, and now a whole segment devoted to you, and america. the answers you desperately want. >> what's the deal, neil? >> what's the deal, neil? >> what's the deal, neil? i ys say be thman with the plan
but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt where axirons applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or incased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctorbout all
medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased sk of prostate cancer, worsening prostate symptoms, decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, common side effects include skin redness headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. what is the deal? what is the deal with politicians continuing to spend billions we don't have on programs we don't want? what's the deal with pouring good money after bad or adding more money for infrastructure when we can't account for the more than $100 billion each year already committed to infrastructure? what's the deal with the
president who blames a news network for hurting his health care will you but not admit that maybe he botched his health care law, and what's the deal with the republicans who demand spending be cut but cut and run each and every time they have the chance? i get a lot of e-mails like that on this show, and my fox business network show from folks who want to know, not only what is the deal with all of these deals? what's the deal with politicians? a lot of them want to know actually what's the deal with me? i'm telling you, it's like there's a great national fixation, this nation obsession with me. understandably. how i pick the issues i cover and treat the guests i have on. even my morning ritual, how much time i spend in makeup? apparently not enough. regardless, a lot of you cannot get enough of me, and how i decide the issues you see covered by me. everyone wants to know. >> what's the deal, neil? >> yes. what's the deal, neil? >> you guys are awful. anyway, it's a whole new segment we're kicking off on my fox
business network show which you can catch these days until we get our new schedule firmly in place, like the delta shuttle, 6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and flying on fridays also midnight. when i take on all come comments, questions, personal stuff, political stuff, not necessarily nice stuff, consider some of the ones we're already getting for tonight. emma from queens writes if you want answers, cavuto, why do you talk over your guests when they are trying to give them? only when they are not giving them, emma, they veer into a speech, i cut the speech. time is tight and get to the point. ralph in mexico. i just think you like to sound tough, but to me you look like the pillsbury doughboy shouting. well, i am about dough so i'll take that as a compliment. el len e-mailed why are you so obsessed with money? seem to have enough. maybe you should just shut up. not until every american has enough, ellen. only then will this caped crusader cool it. bonnie in alabama boxers or briefs? stick around, the answer tonight.
then again, simply not. tune in tonight to know. that's the deal because this very special segment on fox business network is -- >> what's the deal, neil? >> this is worse than demanded. got to work on this. see you tonight. >> hello, everyone. kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckel, eric bowling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." what is the best way to help young struggling minorities in america? well, today president obama unveiled the details of a new initiative called my brother's keeper which he hinted about at the state of the union address. it's aimed at improving the odds of a better life for young men of color. >> government cannot play the only or even the primary role. we can help give every child access to quality pre-school and help them start learning at an early agbu